I have a little daily routine.

Awaken before the birds, 20 minutes of mindless laptop/coffee/breakfast time in my worn purple bathrobe, hi-ho, hi-ho, off to work I go.

I return in the late morning for a midday break, so as I prep and eat my second breakfast, I flip on the tv to catch a little news or Live with Kelly and Michael banter.

Recently they had on a doctor offering advice on avoiding dehydration. Despite the obvious tips (avoid becoming overheated and too much sun exposure), he proffered up a dubious tip or two, including some toxic sunscreens and a homemade, ahem, ‘hydration cocktail’.

Said hydration cocktail was a pinch of salt (not the good salt), a lot of sugar, and a juicy squirt of something bright red. 🙂

Kelly did her best to keep her composure, but Michael, handsome Michael, just couldn’t hide it.

Please see below evidence:

Michael Straham doesn't love this sugary sweet hydration cocktail.


Kelly, said “my kids would love this”, asked “can I add vodka?”, and “it’s a little sweet, Doc”.

Neither host could believe the sugar content.

That and weird squirt of red inspired me to share with you how I make my own homemade sports drink. It’s tasty and simple. And less expensive than any brightly colored something-ade.

With no gmo’s.


Here are the products I used to make my own sports drink:

Great Lakes Gelatin



I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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  1. Tina
    Tina says:

    Thanks for this Andrea! I had a few questions. I started to take an L-glutamine supplement in pill form post workout to see if it helps with muscle recovery and seeing better results. What are your thoughts on this? Also, I was just reading about collagen powder. I see that you use a gelatin powder. Is this good for getting more muscle tone as well? I am vegetarian (dairy-free), but eat eggs and feel that I’m getting a good amount of protein in my meals, but really want to start seeing more results. I’m also changing up my workouts more now and increasing intensity some days. Thanks!

    • Andrea Barkley
      Andrea Barkley says:

      Thanks for the great feedback and questions! I think glutamine in pill form is fine! I just use the powder because I take quite a few supplements and in powder form it’s absorbed more quickly into the body.
      I love gelatin because it also adds a boost of protein (7 grams per tablespoon), and protein is a building block of muscle. The brand Great Lakes uses pastured animals, but it is definitely not vegetarian. Good job on increasing intensity! More in less time is always better! 🙂

  2. Marci
    Marci says:

    So don’t laugh, but is this stuff available at a regular grocery store or a health food or do I gotta find a vitamin place? Remember where I live. Heh. Because I’m down.

    • Andrea Barkley
      Andrea Barkley says:

      I’m assuming you have access to lemons! 🙂 All else can be ordered on Amazon (three cheers for Amazon Prime) from the links posted above. xoxo


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