I know this sounds like the craziest thing ever, but recently one of my clients said she HAD to tell me about a kale massage.


I mean, I love kale and its popularity, but a cruciferous massage sounds a little gimicky. 😉

I had visions of a hearty woman named Helga rubbing me down with my favorite leafy green.

Silly me.

It turns out that the one getting the massage is the kale!

Much like how rubbing dried herbs brings out their natural oils, working your hands into a bowl of raw kale really brings out the fragrant notes of the kale and breaks down it’s tough structure, creating a more delicate green.

I tried it last night in my mixed greens salad with roast chicken, and I was really surprised by the difference.

Almost like it had been gently cooked, it was softer, slightly wilted, and smelled terrific.

Have you ever massaged your kale?

If not, give your salad some squeezes and comment below if you notice a difference!

Short and sweet today. 🙂



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