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My Thanksgiving Surprise: I’m Going Pro!

You guys I had a super eventful holiday weekend! Just before Thanksgiving, I received an official invitation from Nordstrom (!!!) inviting me to become a sponsored pro for their fashionable line of athletic wear, called Zella. Have a look at this outfit. It is so me. I am so honored, because I love what Nordstrom […]

My Delicious Green Sludge

My 13-year old nephew called recently, excited to share that it had been a rainy day at school so PE was held indoors and they watched the movie Food Matters. He was pumped to tell me that eating lots of of fresh veggies and fruit can heal all kinds of ailments. And, the people saying […]

, , The Biggest Loser: Inspiration, Disappointment

The Biggest Loser is back! It’s in its one billionth season and my trusty little Roku is fired up to save all new episodes on my Hulu account.

It feels like the show has been off the air for a while. I’d petered out on watching it for a few seasons, but getting invited to audition to replace Jillian when she left to have a family reignited my interest in the show…go figure! 🙂

There is much I adore about the show: The message that real work yields real results. That there are no quick fixes. Only a lifestyle (not a diet) of exercise, healthy diet, and spiritual evolution are the answer.



A Merry Fitness Season: 5 Tips for Sticking to Your Workouts This Month

Merry Fitness? Lawd that’s cheesy. I can’t help it though, I’m a proud cheeseball and I’m all for self-acceptance.
I often hear how impossible it is to find time during the holidays for a workout. Those of us who are able to continue, and thrive, in our workout routines must be gym freaks! Well, we’re not freaks. It just feels good. You never regret working out.

Below are 5 of my tricks to get your holiday workouts done with a smile:

1. I go to sleep early so I can wake up early and feel awesome. Doing so honors my circadian rhythm, which is the body’s natural inclination to rest at dark and rise at light. Every system within our body and mind, even emotions, functions, grows, and repairs according to this rhythm. I learned the secrets to waking up feeling like a million bucks a few years ago and I’m addicted. More on that over time.


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I’m Blogging! Properly!

Hi all. So, my New Year’s resolution for 2012 was to start a blog about my quest as a personal trainer to feel really good, all the time. Feeling really good all the time helps me stay on top of my fitness – which you may have noticed by now that I have a fetish […]